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Hollis Electronics Company LLC is an internationally recognized manufacturer of wireless and satellite test equipment and a provider of research and development support services.

All our products use state-of-the-art technology to provide customers with highest quality digital design and performance. Our product lines include:

  • Satellite Simulator

  • Link Analyzers

  • Carrier to Noise Generator

  • Troposcatter Simulator

  • Multipath Fading Simulator

  • Bit Error Test Sets

  • Custom Products

Call us at (603) 598-4640 to discuss your needs.

Our Products

Our Services

Satellite Channel Simulator

HSDS-140 and HSDS-70 satellite simulators are a high technology, low-cost solution for earth station to satellite link simulation. Both simulators offer the same features and differ only in the frequency and bandwidth supported.

Link Analyzer

The BMLA+ provides telecommunications equipment operators the ability to continuously monitor their IF and RF data links for equalization performance without taking the link off-line.

Troposcatter Simulator

The HTSS uses the latest in digital signal processing (DSP) technologies for a flexible, cost effective platform for radio channel simulation of troposcatter communications.

Carrier to Noise Generator

The CNG-DX is an ideal instrument for creating realistic scenarios for closed loop testing of satellites, ground equipment and mobile transceivers. 

Multipath Fading Simulator

The WAVE-XG creates a real-word wireless environment for evaluating communication system performance.

Custom Products

HEC is known for developing custom systems using their in-depth knowledge of hardware and software design.

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