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Multipath Fading Simulator

The WAVE-XG SIM Multipath Fading Simulator incorporates the latest technologies for simulating mutipath fading and injecting additive white gaussian noise (AWGN) to test existing and next-generation communication systems with unprecedented levels of accuracy and repeatability.

WAVE-XG SIM creates a real-world wireless environment for evaluating performance of a communication system with confidence and ease. Meeting or exceeding the requirements of current and proposed air interface test standards, WAVE-3G SIM is perfectly suited for system development and
type approval testing.

Wireless communication channels between a base station and mobile station are characterized by multipath fading, Doppler shift, path loss, delay spread and random noise. These impairments significantly distort the original signal, which make it difficult for the receiver to demodulate the signal properly. By simulating these effects in a controlled lab environment, design and test engineers can thoroughly test, troubleshoot and improve the system design enabling it to be more robust and error-free.

Using state-of-the-art digital signal processor (DSP) technology, WAVE-XG SIM provides improved multipath fading simulation enabling more confidence in test results. With its internal digital power meter and built-in noise source, a single instrument provides accurate and repetitive multipath fading and carrier-to-noise setting ability. With its unique modular architecture and cost-effective configuration, WAVE-XG SIM is an ideal instrument for next-generation communication system testing

Image of system
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