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Carrier to Noise Generators

CNG-DX provides improved noise generation with its internal digital power meter and built-in noise generator. This single instrument provides accurate and repetitive carrier-to-noise setting ability in one box. The CNG-DX is an ideal instrument for creating realistic scenarios for closed loop testing of satellites, ground equipment and mobile transceivers. Key highlights:

  • 1 or 2 independent channels (more optional)

  • Carrier-to-noise generator supporting: C/N, C/No, Eb/No, No, and user-Specified Gains (signal & noise).

  • High quality, independent digital noise source

  • Built-in digital power meter.

  • The noise sources and power meters are totally independent from each other.

  • RF converters can also be used with CNG-DX. The CNG-DX measures the signal and noise power with the exact same meter circuitry improving accuracy dramatically and as long as the converters gain is stable the signal to noise ratio will not vary over time.

  • If the user is worried that gain changes due to temperature changes that have occurred, all the user needs to do is stop and restart the system. The gain changes will be automatically accounted for and the noise level set properly to establish the user selected signal to noise ratio (SNR). Note, SNR units are selectable and can be set as an Eb/No, C/No, C/N, noise only is No, and User Specified Gains.


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